About Us

Carla, The Owner

Grandma, The Inspiration

We are thrilled that everyone who uses Carlacopia products knows they are getting a uniquely curated product worthy of THEMSELVES! (Because we don’t give ourselves enough credit – WE all deserve to pamper ourselves and have things that make us feel happy and special!)

Before I created Carlacopia Handmade Emporium, I didn’t believe I could create a product that would help people feel a little bit of excitement and joy.

After the passing of my Grandmother (who was a seamstress), I inherited her embroidery work and handmade sewing items and felt such an amazing connection between those items and her memory. 

That’s when I realized I needed to get back to my roots, pull out my sewing machine and start creating handmade products that would provide connections between people.

I tend to like very simple designs and didn’t see a lot of what I liked out there for sale so I was concerned that my design ideas would not be interesting to people and rejected right away!

But then I realized that there are probably other people out there who are like me and are looking for something that is simple, elegant and timeless so I decided to get over my fears and just go for it!

I decided to create products that took from the two elements I love most in the world: uniqueness and authenticity.  That began my search for fabrics, trims, ribbons and embellishments that are not currently being applied to fashion accessories the way I wanted to use them.

As it turned out, the road was more difficult than I imagined!

Finding materials that interest me and invoke that same feeling of love and belonging I had when I was around my Grandma was my biggest challenge.  But, I’m pretty sure my other middle name is “perseverance” because I spent hours and hours and hours searching for items that I think are unique enough to use on my designs that will create a product unlike anything else out there.

As someone who comes from a family full of artists, I was sure my designs weren’t creative or interesting enough and would not amount to anything. Boy was I wrong! From the very first prototype I created, the response to my designs and products has been overwhelming – and most of all, it has been amazing to be able to create products that will not only be used, but will be cherished!  (Yeah Grandma!)